Module 1 – Environmental pollution control

Module 1 – Environmental pollution control

25 Feb 2018 – 11 Mar 2018

Scope of the present module is to provide the criteria for identifying and evaluating environmental pollution phenomena, the technical instruments for prevention, control and the appropriate approaches for remediation strategies and interventions.

The module focuses on groundwater, soil and air pollution. Concerning soil and groundwater, the most diffused pollution phenomena will be investigated, both within the Italian and Chinese context. Moreover, insight will be given to control, remediation and recovery tools aimed at reusing the soil and water resources. The air pollution phenomena will be analyzed, both at urban and industrial scale, with reference to national and international case studies.

The course will be conducted through lectures in order to acquire instruments, technologies and strategies to be adopted to define pollution phenomena. Moreover, relevant case studies from the Italian experience will allow participants to better understand the topics of the front lessons. Eventually, students will have the chance to profit from technical visits at remediation sites. Thus, students will approach the technological transfer of the theoretical principles presented in class.

Through these site visits, they will have the opportunity to develop direct contacts with the Italian companies involved in the remediation activities. This enables the awareness of the Italian expertise with Chinese Institutions.